Train the trainer, train the mentor/coach

To teach others how to learn, and to train and educate further is our vocation! So it quite natural for us to want to share our expertise with other trainers, mentors and coaches!

But how does learning work? To combine theory and practice is not always easy. Only when you can see the whole picture are you able to transfer your knowledge effectively. There are major advantages to be gained by attending one of our seminars. Our trainers know a wide variety of teaching methods as well as the accompanying media needed to support them. We help you to impressively visualise contributions, and to combine the appropriate media with vivid rhetorical techniques through which you reach optimal learning transfer possibilities with your attendees.

But there's also how to promote self-confidence and integrity, to be assertive. What do you do if a training situation turns really difficult? Maybe you do not know or cannot explain some details, or someone deliberately sets out to affront you personally! We too have experienced these situations and learned to deal with them. Our trainers act as a role model as much as they are your mentor and coach. They have the experience and will pass it on to you - in a way that is easy to understand and pass on to others.

We have developed a modular concept, structured and systematic, to navigate you successfully through all these questions, obstacles and potential pitfalls - and of course in a stimulating and creative way.