Navigate your learning: Mix and match your seminar modules

You would like to organize training on a specific topic with us? By clicking on the button at the left of this page you will find a menu with many of the popular subjects our customers have regularly chosen to book with us each year.


The seminars have been developed over many years to ensure they deliver maximum value by utilizing the right mix of theories and practical work and focusing on transfer of learning to the workplace.


What makes our tailored seminars and concepts so special? Our strength is to prepare your chosen topic to suit your specific requirements. We adjust the learning level to match existing levels of competence. And then design, your desired seminar program by mix and matching our range of seminar topics to meet your requirements at any given point in time.


By way of example: you want to improve your team’s rhetorical skills, so you could book a seminar which is based on persuading and convincing. But you also want your team to learn how to be convincing especially in meetings as this is where they are particularly challenged at them moment. In addition they are also expected to use high-tech media when presenting at those meetings.


It is therefore important for you to choose the modules from a variety of seminar topics so that it exactly fits to your team, e.g.  ‘How can we be more convincing at meetings? What do we have to know when using a variety of modern media to effectively visualize our message? And what do we have to be aware of because we are also expected to facilitate the meetings we are presenting at?’


This example is just one possible combination from countless options. Each seminar combines of 8-12 modules with a choice of over 40 seminar topics.


We would be delighted to provide consultation and guidance at no extra cost to ensure your chosen seminar matches exactly to your requirements at the specific time you have chosen to work with us!