Mediation and Conflict Management

Gain essential mediation and conflict management skills so that conflict won’t manage you!

Based on modern communication and conflict management research, strategies and techniques our certified mediators help you to effectively manage conflict issues in a constructive way.

Conflict is all around us, especially during tough business periods where resources are tight and tempers are short, but most people lack basic conflict management skills. Rather than react to conflict on a purely emotional level, you can learn how to manage disputes and disagreements positively and proactively in our variety of seminar options.

Training in mediation and conflict management will help you to recognize the causes of interpersonal conflict, and you will become more aware of your emotional triggers how to prevent explosive situations. You will be able to develop new strategies to manage conflict and improve your communication performance - ultimately increasing the success of your business initiatives.

We concentrate on developing a variety of positive solutions – but establishing harmony above everything else is not the main goal! Mediation helps in those situations when the two (or more) parties want to work on critical issues and find their own solutions. This can be any parties, afflicted by conflict - colleagues, teams, departments, business to business - even neighborhood conflicts, conflicts within a family or between partners.

Our mediators and trainers are experts both on business mediation and on helping to solve interpersonal conflict situations. We therefore offer a range of different mediation and conflict management options, for example between:

  • manager and employee
  • company management and workers council
  • executives and company owners
  • departments and/or teams
  • company internal affairs after reorganization, mergers / acquisitions, restructuring
  • business and customers
  • business partnerships; business and suppliers