Project management

Our work today mainly moves from project to project. The tasks within projects are often alike, but then again sometimes entirely different - flexibility is therefore a must! The team is not as continuous as it was, new employees come and go, familiar colleagues leave to another project, teams include customer employees ...

Then you need highly structured procedures and processes. Procedures, which help to quickly reach the project's target. Processes to intervene when progress is not being made as it should be.

You also need well developed, flexible soft skills, because you need to be assertive and you need to adjust to others in new and various ways. You will only master a project together! and only together!

Project management takes place at all levels within a company. It involves new staff who are interested in learning the basics of working on a project as well as staff who lead and steer the project. Whether you organise a project and all what belongs to it, or if you just fulfil your work within the project - you won't make it without the appropriate project skills. Where should it lead for you at the moment? Navigate your learning!