Team development, group dynamics, personal development

What makes a good team player? How are the roles shared within the team? Which tasks would you do better individually, which ones better together? Should a team form and reform themselves, separate and change direction or allow themselves to further develop as a team?

How to lead a team and how to co-operate constructively depends strongly on the developmental phase a team finds itself in, and on the dynamics within that team!

Team process are always taking place - whether openly or hidden beneath the surface. Should we keep our distance, or get closer? We can feel empathy or distrust. We develop feelings of belonging. Should we integrate or separate? Commit or withdraw? Lead or follow? We co-operate but suddenly find ourselves in a competitive situation, fighting for power and control. All these factors and more affect personal and group achievements!

The phases of a team's development, the individual roles within it and relations with others are themes on our seminars. Not so much in a theoretical sense, but more in a practical one - in the "here and now". You can immediately try out new steps, explore and contribute, challenge and direct. Perhaps as you would usually do - or perhaps trying a different approach. Follow the path you want to learn from ...

Supported by your coach and mentor and your peers within the group! We navigate the way together!