Outdoor training & meeting and event management

To get better acquainted, to create a more familiar atmosphere, to improve your teamwork - all this is achievable through our outdoor based seminars. With our management event planning you can tackle longer and more significant departmental meetings in a new and different way.

Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor environment (or a combination of the two) we will arrange and deliver a creative and informative programme suitable for groups of all sizes. The advantages are numerous, for individuals and for the group. And making the whole experience an enjoyable and memorable one is, of course, a key priority for us.

Using outdoor elements the dynamics of a team can be more easily revealed and consistently developed on a group dynamic basis. The building of trust can be accelerated in small groups as well as in big groups. Behavioural styles, which are not constructive within the team, can be addressed and corrected quickly and strengths can be highlighted and supported. Critical areas where the team should improve become the focal point. Not forgetting that with international teams we always integrate the intercultural aspects involved in team development!

Depending on your goals we would co-operate with various team trainers and outdoor specialists. Working with you on a "soft outdoor seminar" we would plan the activities at the nearest suitable premises to your company. Working on a more challenging level we would use pre-prepared premises and suitably qualified safety experts only.