Capio extras

Arrange your seminar in the language of your choice. Using our network of multilingual and intercultural trainers, we run seminars and workshops in many languages. Choose the seminar and choose the language you want to learn in for extra impact!

As well as flexibility and speed, there is a lot more we can give you. Finding contacts or resources, sources of learning material, or simply a motivating idea to introduce new training to your workplace, capio can navigate your way.

We have completed a project within the Leonardo-da-Vinci Programme. This EU approved and funded Programme supports and promotes the "life-long learning" concept in EU-countries participating in the Programme. Innovative and intercultural learning concepts that help to improve the competencies of employees are promoted on an international basis.

How can a systematic transfer of learning be regarded as successful? We co-operate closely with the University of Heidelberg to research the results of learning and how transfer opportunities can be realised.