Facilitating, running meetings, presentational skills

Interview Skills Coaching

Interviews can be scary things! How often do you have to present yourself as the answer to someone's prayers?

Transform your interview performance in just a few coaching sessions:

Your coaching session will run for example for a half day or full day and will be tailored to your specific needs. But just to give you an idea, here are some typical areas that we can help you with:

Making a strong first impression, Controlling your interview nerves

Conveying more enthusiasm in your voice, Getting your ideas across succinctly

Getting your body language right, How to use eye contact effectively

Answering difficult questions convincingly, Presenting confidently for both prepared and ad-hoc presentations

How to be better prepared for likely questions, Knowing how to deal with the unexpected, Selling yourself successfully

We also can help you match your work experience to job competencies, and ensure that you have plenty of excellent examples to convince your interviewer.

We can help you brainstorm likely questions that you'll get asked and establish credible responses which demonstrate your ability to the full.

In short, your coach will help you prepare yourself fully for the interview and give you the best possible chance of success.

Executive Coaching

If you're looking for Leadership Development and Executive Coaching services, Executive Presentation Skills Coaching, Executive Life Coaching or Personal Executive Coaching in the UK read on.

Executive Presentation Coaching

From time to time, it is necessary to make vital presentations, often to large audiences, upon which the future of the company may depend. Standard presentation skills training is not enough in these circumstances.


Assessment Centers:

We help you to lead successfully Assessment Centers in your company for choosing the right candidates for a specific job description.

How do YOU select employees ...?

We help you to

design job simulations

observe people in action and evaluate them on a fair basis

learn more about a more objective assessment tool

apply multiple assessment instruments

co-operate with multiple observers

lead straight forward discussion of observations and critical feedback

a competency based assessment