Stress & time management, wellness & relaxation programmes

Stress exists everywhere. Even the word "stress" is probably over stressed at the moment! Many of us experience positive, short-term stress turning eventually into long term, perhaps even permanent strain in our working lives.

However, it is entirely personal as to when and why we feel the negative effects of stress. So we analyse with you, which situations are especially critical for you. Finding out what are the typical signals when your body reveals its stressful reactions to you. Then you will be able to find a method that helps and suits you to personally avoid specific sources of stress and how to reduce them systematically.

What can we do for you? Our range of seminars are as various as the causes of stress themselves. Information and relaxation exercises on the one hand, thematic seminar modules on the other. For example, efficient time management supports you to question your life planning. We would analyse your short term targets as well as your long term ones, helping you to reset your priorities.

We would be your companions on your journey, checking together with you the direction in which you really want to go. Using elements of relaxation, wellness, fitness, nutrition programmes and personal life planning, you will discover and experience which combination works best for you!